1440 Campaign

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Growth and distance from the disease of addiction is a hard-fought battle, won one day at a time.

For many in recovery, however, life and the immediate after effects of an active addiction need to be dealt with in smaller increments. Even a single minute, for a recovering addict, can mean the difference between giving in to a temptation to use and getting enough of a break to refrain for another day. 


For others, such as those who have not yet found recovery, a single minute can mean the difference between life and death. Opioid abuse and overdose in America has reached epidemic proportions, with an average of ten overdose deaths per day in 2016 in Pennsylvania alone. In cases of acute opioid overdose, the small window of opportunity to administer life-saving medication before death occurs means that every minute counts.

In recognition of the fact that the 1,440 minutes in each day sometimes matter more than the day itself, Just For Today Recovery and Veterans Support Services is proud to announce the launch of our 1440 fundraising campaign.

Every day Just For Today (JFT) provides support services, housing and hope for those who struggle with addiction. Please take a minute to check out our website and all the services and activities we offer as hope for changing the life of someone who struggles with the disease of addiction.

JFT has recently expanded its operations to include a Mobile Vivitrol Program. Vivitrol is an effective, non-opioid medication treatment program that has been clinically proven to support continued abstinence from opioid abuse when combined with outpatient counseling. However, many of our neediest clients lack adequate insurance coverage to access this treatment, and JFT itself incurs substantial administrative costs to hire Certified Recovery Specialists and provide transportation to our clients.


Please help make every one of the minutes in a day count, and donate to our efforts to change the lives of those struggling with addiction.

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