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JFT's Annual Fundraiser

"Thank you for your interest in JFT! We are starting our yearly fundraiser in hopes to raise $40,000 this year.

I know times are tough for all right now. We at JFT are also experiencing hard times to provide our services for our veteran community. The expenses of all operating costs have risen, some even having doubled. We serve over 100 veterans weekly,

whether group housing, food supply, PTSD groups, and/or support services. All the services are free of cost to those who participate. We are helping to change lives. Individuals quite special to our organization came to JFT in need of safe housing and help in other areas of their lives. Now we are blessed to have them actively living, working, and volunteering with us. These are the circumstances of many whom have walked through JFT's doors.

We provide services to all who come to us seeking help.

Any amount that you can donate will help us tremendously!

We are a 501c3 Non-Profit Organization, so all donations are tax deductible.

Please scroll below for online PayPal donations.

Thank You & Have a great Holiday Season."

-Steve Barndt; Executive Director



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