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Warm Handoff Program

For someone who has just survived a traumatic event, like an opioid overdose, the embarrassment, guilt, and shame that ensues can be as devastating as the actual event that landed them in the hospital.

JFT's Warm Handoff Program puts survivors in direct contact with a highly trained Certified Recovery Specialist that through peer to peer mentoring is able to help break down the barriers to treatment, resources, and recovery support. Our program fosters the understanding and compassion necessary to help individuals realize that some type of intervention is necessary to change and sustain a healthy lifestyle. The CRS begins using the evidence-based technique of Screening Brief Intervention and Referral to Treatment (SBIRT) to help break down barriers and give the individual choices for a pathway to a healthier life. Our specialists understand the depths of despair and insanity that accompany substance use disorder because they have been there. This program interaction dramatically increases the likelihood a person will consider or even accept a treatment option. Currently, the program has an 80% entry rate into treatment and an 82% successful treatment completion rate.

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