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A Simple Request to Our Regular Patrons
From Our Fearless Leader


JFT Groups, Guests, and Visitors:


JFT is thrilled that our weekly foot traffic continues to grow with new meetings, events, and programs taking place at the Center. With this expansion have come some growing pains that I am asking your help in addressing, before they become problematic. One of my main goals has always been to debunk the stigma attached to drug and alcohol use, which unfortunately, oftentimes carries over into our recovery.


We are all striving to become better people; therefore, when at the Center be mindful of your language and the topics of your conversations. Remember, it is an honest program; if it is not yours, do not touch it or take it. We offer beverages and snacks at reasonable prices and also offer a pay-it-forward system for those down on their luck or freshly released from treatment or prison. If there is not a pay-it-forward chit available, our refreshments are not free. Our refrigerators have always been off limits to anyone who is not considered staff. Clean up after yourselves and your groups. This continues to be an ongoing problem as groups grow and new faces emerge. If something is spilled, wipe it up; dispose of your trash in the trash receptacle or in the dumpster; AND…if you smoke, use one of the SIX available cans to dispose of your butts.


I absolutely love that everyone feels at home here and feels a part of something greater, but as with any family, certain rules need to be enforced so that everyone can coincide and enjoy the Center equally. The front office is to conduct business and the Coffee Shop is for camaraderie and to use the restroom.


I truly appreciate your help and understanding regarding our expansion. It is our intention to continue to spread the message that we do recover, and that we are respectable, honest, people who give back generously to our communities.




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