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Carla Clouser

Northern Dauphin Coordinator

Certified Preventionist

Certified Family

Recovery Specialist

Carla Clouser is a Certified Family Recovery Specialist/Certified Preventionist. Because of her lived experience with her family members' addictions, her passions are with the families and the children who are affected by substance abuse. She strives to help anyone she comes in contact with and realizes addiction is a family disease. When she is not at JFT or teaching prevention she likes to spend time with her 3 children and therapy dogs.

Vicki Newman

PA Certified Recovery Specialist

Victoria (Vicki) Newman is 6 years sober, and works at JFT because she feels like it's her purpose in life to help people and give back what was so freely given to her. Today she feels like she has a purpose in life. When she is not at JFT she enjoys gardening and riding motorcycle with her hubby!

Katie Rothermel 

Lead CRS

PA Certified Recovery Specialist

Katie Rothermel is a 3 year sober graduate from the Dauphin County Drug Court Program. She works for JFT because her passion is to help people. Her life experience with substance abuse helps her guide her individuals to a new way to live. She is also pursuing her bachelors degree at Purdue Global University in Psychology in Addictions. She one day hopes to get her masters degree in Psychology and be able to help individuals on a clinical level. When she is not at JFT and doing her school work she likes spending time with her family, playing with Duke (family dog), camping, hiking and laying in her hammock outside of her house.

Jennifer Keiffer

Support Staff

Jen works at JFT because she wanted to start a new career path. She knows what it is like to have someone relapse. She wants to help families so they dont feel alone when dealing with an individual with a substance abuse problem. Her favorite things to do are to be outside and spending time with family by a campfire, play board games, do diamond paintings and watch her daughter play softball.

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