Steve Barndt

Executive Director

If you are trying to turn your life around, get clean and sober, get a roof over your head, or get food in your belly, you have come to the right place and you are looking for this man. Whether you are a person with substance use disorder, a veteran, or someone who walks in off

the street, if you are motivated to

change, Steve will give you his last dollar, bread crumb, or the shirt of his back. His heart is larger than life, without exaggeration. Steve has built his dream and his life around recovery, and he will help anyone along their own journey to do the same. Steve leads the vision at JFT and he has never turned anyone away; even if their intentions were not pure. Steve does not have the capacity to be unkind; it simply is not a part of who he is, and when ask: "Why?" he simply states: "I've been there." Steve runs a tight ship; however, many a person in long term recovery has Steve to thank somewhere along the way; although he would never admit it.


Steve worked in sales for many years before becoming the Regional Director for a Home Medical Supply company. After years of traveling, being away from home, and the trials and tribulations facing most of us throughout active addiction, Steve decided his life needed a drastic change of direction. He checked himself into Gaudenzia's Common Ground detox and inpatient facility in Harrisburg; and to this day, credits them with saving his life. Steve was willing to go to any lengths at this point, and accepted the 12-step philosophy followed at Common Ground, truly finding a Power greater than himself. With a grateful heart, Steve still follows this program today; however, like the rest of us at JFT, sincerely believes there are many roads to recovery, which are welcomed and demonstrated daily at JFT's Recovery Center.


As his vision for a recovery center slowly unfolded, Steve continued working parttime at Common Ground while moving all the pieces into place to build his dream. At one time under Steve's direction in the early 2000's, JFT operated recovery houses in Harrisburg, Gettysburg, and Mechanicsburg as well as a thrift store in Middletown to make ends meet. However, more often than naught, funds came out of Steve's own pockets to keep the dream alive.


Luck, hard work, or divine intervention--depending on your beliefs--took hold and Steve was awarded a start up grant from Capital Area Behavioral Health Collaborative to purchase the property in Lemoyne. Steve began a male recovery house above the center, added the veteran's services in 2014, and acquired a women veteran's recovery house in Harrisburg, slated to open in March 2019. Recently, JFT was awarded grant funding from Cumberland-Perry Drug and Alcohol Commission to initiate the Warm Handoff Program in our three county hospitals: Carlisle, West Shore, and Holy Spirit. With the Warm Handoff media coverage, by word-of-mouth, and through referrals, JFT has helped as many people coming in off the streets acquire some type of treatment as we have straight from the emergency rooms.

Steve is currently the Chairman of the Board for Consumer Satisfaction Services where he has served for six years. He remains an active member of NA and throughout the years has held most, if not all, of the service positions at both the local and state levels. Steve has no problem telling anyone that he has 16 years sobriety as his ultimate goal has ALWAYS been to carry the message with a grateful heart.

Erin Moran

Administrative Assistant

PA Certified Recovery Specialist

Erin is the smiling face that greets you when you enter JFT, and she does a little bit of everything for everyone here at the Center. If you need to know how to do something or where to find something, Erin is your go-to for sure!

Erin has a certification in Medical Assisting from Kaplan Institute. She did so well in her studies, she was awarded membership into the Alpha Beta Kappa Honor Society.

Erin has worked in many areas within the medical field; however, she feels her greatest wealth of knowledge is in endocrinology where she spent the majority of her medical assisting time.

Erin is currently attending HACC to strengthen the second act of her career studying Healthcare Administration, and remains in good standing with the Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society. Erin's role at the Center is primarily business oriented where she coordinates payroll, expenses, and so much more. She would like to combine her background in the medical field with her business savvy and one day own her own medical supply company.

As JFT grows and expands offering our services to more and more people in recovery as well as our veterans, Erin's role within the organization also continues to grow. Each day at JFT greets Erin with new challenges that she is happy to navigate.

Erin is one of of our in-house CRSs who responds to Warm Handoff calls during the day, Monday through Friday. Erin has enjoyed recovery since June 10, 2006, and counts her daughter, Giana, as her greatest accomplishment.

Ally Murr

Veteran Services Coordinator

U.S. Army Veteran

Ally was honorably discharged from the U.S. army in 2010 and recently celebrated three years in recovery.

Ally is currently attending HACC

pursuing her Bachelor's Degree in Social Work. Ally's longterm goal is to become a therapist to aid veterans who return from combat with PTSD and/or drug and alcohol misuse.

At the Center Ally is kept busy with the multitude of services JFT offers our veterans. JFT feeds 25 veterans each week with an $80 box of groceries and fresh meet, produce, and dairy products. We also have many donations that are earmarked specifically 

Ally is extremely proud to see one of her goals for JFT come to fruition. In April of 2019, we opened the door of our female veteran's recovery house in Harrisburg. The community outpouring of donations for this house has been overwhelming, and JFT and Ally are appreciative.

JFT has a Veteran's Services Officer from our American Legion Headquarters who comes in biweekly to assist our veterans with benefits and other VA matters. We also have staff who regularly aid our veterans with medical, disability, and job applications as we have computers open to veterans and the recovery community from 10 AM to 6 PM Monday through Friday.

Ally is also actively involved as a mentor for Dauphin County Veteran's Court where she serves as a role model for veterans trying to turn their lives around. Ally is grateful to help her fellow veterans trudge the road to a happy, fulfilling, and drug-free life.

Mischelle Moyer, M.Ed.

Staff and Educational Director

Cumberland-Perry Warm Handoff Program Supervisor


Mischelle holds a Master's Degree in Education, Teaching, & Curriculum Development as well as a Pennsylvania Secondary English Certification from Penn State University. She earned a Bachelor’s

Degree in Communications &Journalism and a minor degree in Social Work from Shippensburg University. She began her professional career in publishing and public relations in the non-profit sector which led to her being appointed the Director of Communications for the United Way of Pennsylvania. Mischelle is a published author and advocate in the recovery community as well as a Pennsylvania Certified Recovery Specialist. She is also a trained Parent Mentor Coach, through the national affiliates Partnership for Drug Free Kids and the Center for Motivation and Change. Mischelle is an active member of the Community Opioid Overdose Prevention Coalition (COOP) as well as the Cumberland-Perry Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition. Mischelle writes and delivers all of JFT's curriculum, which includes: Certified Recovery Specialist and Certified Family Recovery Specialist complete training and individual courses; Family Education and customized family programming for JFT as well as sister organizations, and Career Prepared and Readiness Courses for those new to recovery or reentering the working world. She is proud to have been chosen to participate in the Pennsylvania Certification Board's 2019 CRS Content Update, which occurs every 5-7 years.


As if that were not enough, Mischelle spent 10 years teaching English at the high school level before setting her sights on higher education. More recently she spent five years at McCann School of Business and Technology, a two-year Associate Degree college. She began her journey there as the Program Director for the General Education Department, and soon after took over the Hybrid Education Division and mentored the Online Learning Coordinators across 36 college campuses. While serving in this capacity, Mischelle wrote the online curriculum for a comprehensive Information Literacy course required for all incoming students. In her final advancement at McCann, Mischelle assumed the role of Director of Career Services where her department was held to strict local, state, and federal guidelines; educational mandates; fiscal protocols; placement percentages; as well as programmatic dictates. In this capacity, Mischelle cultivated and maintains professional relationships with many Central PA businesses, Chambers of Commerce, organizations, nonprofits, and government agencies.


Mischelle has over 30 years personal experience with substance use disorder, chronic relapse, relapse prevention, and treatment protocols including: inpatient treatment, intensive outpatient therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT), Integrative Approach, Person-Centered Therapy, and the Matrix Model. She is well versed in the principals and tenets of several mainstream drug and alcohol abstinence programs including: Alcoholics Anonymous, Ala-Non/Alateen, Narcotics Anonymous, Celebrate Recovery, S.M.A.R.T. Recovery, and Women for Sobriety. As the Warm Handoff Supervisor for Cumberland and Perry Counties, Mischelle believes strongly that there are multiple pathways to recovery versus a one-size-fits-all mantra.

Mischelle is proud to be deeply rooted in the Central Pennsylvania community and has resided in Cumberland County her entire life. She lives in Camp Hill with her husband of over 20 years and two teenaged boys. Mischelle embraces sobriety always remembering the Grace that saved her life and the Faith that set her free.

Jan Arkon, RN

Volunteer & Events Coordinator

PA Certified Recovery Specialist

Jan is the type of person who does so much for the recovery community and JFT, but likes to fly under the radar. In fact, it was all we could do to get her to stop and pose for this picture! Jan is all about giving back, volunteerism, and event planning, and she does a bang up job for JFT!

Jan has been with JFT for over two years and she is in charge of all of our volunteers, community service partners, and events. Jan recruits our volunteers to man the Coffee Shop as well as for any community events or fundraisers for which we participate. Jan also trains our volunteers to work in a business-like capacity, which for some, it is their very first experience. Thanks to Jan, our Coffee Shop is completely manned by volunteers and open from noon til 11 PM each day reinforcing the motto: "You Never Have to be Alone."

If you or someone you know is in need of community services hours, no matter what the reason, Jan is our community service hours coordinator as well. She sets the individual up, ensures he/she get the hours, and completes the required paperwork.


In her spare time, Jan works as one of our on call Certified Recovery Specialists, and she owns and operates a female recovery house in Harrisburg called McHazel's House. Giving back to a community she feels has done so much for her, Jan will soon celebrate 10 years of sobriety.

Jan is a big part of what we do here at JFT, and whether she wants the recognition or not, we are grateful for her.

Eric Weidman

PA Certified Recovery

First and foremost, Eric is our in-house artist. He is creating a mural downstairs including all our programs of recovery and military branches of service. Eric also enjoys donating his paintings to recovery events for raffles and fundraising.

Eric can be found at JFT on and off the clock throughout the day and evening. He enjoys being a contributing member at all JFT events as well as lending a hand at other recovery organizational events and fundraising causes. The bottomline is that if it is recovery oriented and you need a hand--Eric is your man. And everything Eric does, he does from the heart. He is a giver.

Eric was born and raised on the unforgiving streets of Baltimore City where he  was fortunate enough to find the Power of Recovery, a group he credit with saving his life.  After the roots of recovery took hold, Eric decided, that for his own continued growth, he need to leave the confines of the Heroin Capital of the U.S.; thus he moved to Lemoyne in 2015 where he found and enmeshed himself into a strong and well established recovery community. Eric to proud to say he has 5-years of continuous sobriety and has made it his mission to help others find their way as well.

Eric has answered more Warm Handoff calls than any of our CRS's and continues to grow and help people seeking treatment on a daily basis. But Warm Handoff is only part of Eric's story at JFT. Eric continues to grow our community food pantry, aptly named Lori's Promise Pantry, after one of our own who passed away last year. This is a food resource for those coming in off the streets or directly from treatment or prison with nothing but the clothes on their backs.

Eric is also involved with many of our friends in new recovery, who live is local recovery houses. He can always be found trying to procure furniture or goods, giving people rides to and from meetings, job interview, or other appointments, or just generally just being a listening ear to anyone in our Coffee Shop who might be in need of someone who cares.

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