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Please Participate in Our Fundraising Event by Sharing Your JFT Story!

During the month of March, JFT will be participating in a fundraising incentive program coordinated through the Partnership for Better Health. This is a great opportunity for JFT to raise funds to further our mission of supporting local Veterans, the recovery community and have donations matched by the Partnership for Better Health! We hope to use testimonials from individuals and families who have been impacted by JFT's efforts and services to aid in our fundraising efforts. If you wish to write a brief paragraph or provide a brief (30-60 seconds) video about how JFT has positively impacted you or your family/loved one we would love to use it as a part of our fundraising efforts. Videos or impact statements should be provided prior to March 1st and may be sent (email/text) to Meredith Thomas at or 717-608-5539. Thank you for your support!


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