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Meet Scott: Our Onsite

Veteran's Services Officer

Securing benefits and medical care can be a daunting task for anyone, but especially so for our returning soldiers who must navigate more red-tape and forms than most. JFT does not want any veteran to have to approach this oftentimes overwhelming task alone. We have a Veteran's Services Officer, Scott Brenner, from the American Legion Department of Pennsylvania on hand every other Monday to help veterans and family members weed through the paperwork and governmental bureaucracy in order to get the benefits and medical care deserved. Scott offers free advice and guidance for veterans who need the services provided by the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). JFT loves having Scott at the Center and available to our veterans.

Scott is an accredited representative responsible for providing assistance and representation regarding any claim for VA benefits.  He has specialized training and experience contributing to a wealth of knowledge pertaining to VA regulations and instructions, as well as a broad spectrum of VA programs and operations. Scott regularly participates in workshops, seminars and conferences to keep his skills current.

If you or someone you know needs help from a Veteran's Services Officer, please stop by and see see Scott. No appointment is necessary; although, he would love to know you are coming. Reach out directly to Scott to see which bimonthly Monday he will be at JFT or to make an appointment at a specific date/time.


Scott Brenner, Service Officer

American Legion Department of PA

Office: 717-730-9100

FAX: 717-763-1648


Visit the Pennsylvania American Legion VSO website:

 PA Legion Service Officer Program

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